Alex Correa Executive

Alex Correa Executive came to me with her existing logo and a vision to refresh the brand and give a new lease on life to their promotional materials. After having a thorough meeting to ensure the brief was clear, I then moved forward to create a new brand concept.

Using an illustrative approach,  I have given Alex Correa Executive a brand personality and assets which can be used across a range of promotional items including social media, expo stands, print collateral, website and advertising.

Alex Correa Executive illustration of red hair lady

Brand Development

Print Collateral


Target Market Research

Alex Correa Executive logo on white
Alex corre executive law illustration with man and woman

Custom Illustration Design

With the launch of Alex Correa Executive’s new look, we created custom illustrations to group together the various different specialisations where the law can be practised. Each month they will feature a select few of their stand-out roles on our social media company pages to help spread the word on what great opportunities they’re working on.

Alex Correa Executive style guide design
Alex Correa construction character illustration design

Character Illustration

Custom illustration gives a brand its unique character. These characters created for Alex Correa created a brand voice for her and meant the whole team could use these assets in their social media campaigns, internal communications as well as advertising.

Alex Correa business law character illustration design
Alex Correa website design
Alex Correa website design
Alex Correa Executive pull up banner design

Pull Up Banners

Bold colours and large illustrations create a distinctive look for Alex Correa’s pull up banners. She will take these to trade shows and expo’s as an additional injection of the new brand.

Loud speaker illustration
Hand Illustration Design
Envelope with leaves illustration