Fenn Foods

Fenn Foods mission is to bring to the consumers the most ethically sourced and delicious plant based products. Not only have they done that but created a delicious vegan cheese in a variety of flavours that strongly appeals to the planet loving consumer.

The packaging brief was to design 3 flavours of cheese that would appeal to the health and planet loving people of our world stand on their own in boutique health food stores.

Brand Development

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Target Market Research

Packaging Design

fenn foods vegan cheese range of packaging design
sesame cheese packaging design

Packaging Design

It was important that Fenn Foods sesame cheese range portrayed health and love for buying local. This is why it was so important to make sure the packaging made the consumer feel “at home” with the product.

They have very clear brand ethics and I worked closely with them to ensure we hit the mark on the tone of voice. These brand attributes are;

1. Produce delicious food
2. All products are 100% plant based
3. Work towards environmentally friendly practices
4. Be a healthier alternative
5. NO GMO’s
6. Source local & organic produce when possible
7. Give back to society