TH Henderson Real Estate

This project was a large global brand roll-out. The merge of two major real estate players meant that the new corporate branding needed to compliment their status and enhance their new profile. A full visual identity was created along with an in-depth set of corporate guidelines to ensure consistency of the brand was retained for years to come.

Print Collateral

Press advertising

Interactive Design

Expo stands & Wall Graphics

Th Henderson Real Estate brochure and branding

Brochures, Interim and Annual Reports

Designing a suite of brochures and booklets for TH Henderson meant a strong brand guidelines needed to be developed. Brochures for every region included translating documents to Spanish, Italian and Chinese from supplied text.

Th Henderson Real Estate brochure and branding
Th Henderson Real Estate brochure and branding

Interactive Reports

Interactive digital reports were created to send out via email. These were built in Adobe Acrobat and could be accessed by anyone with Adobe reader or Acrobat Pro. Each page had clickable links and buttons to walk the user through a set of statistics which could easily be updated per quarter.

Th Henderson Real Estate interactive PDF and branding
Th Henderson Real Estate branding and expo stand design

Expo/Tradeshow Graphics

I was tasked with bringing the new TH Henderson Real Estate brand over to a large trade show graphic. The setup included a television the middle of the main panel which meant the design had to be clear and work with whatever was shown on the screen.

Special Event Menu Design

Sleek custom menu’s were designed for TH Henderson’s corporate dinners and events, these were then designed in Italian, French and Chinese. The menu design was re-used for various events so needed to be corporate and sophisticated.

Th Henderson Real Estate branding and menu design